God fearing – 23 Single Mother Karabo – Polokwane – Looking for a Single father – Use Whatsapp

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Single Mother Looking for A Man – Please Choose Me. If you here looking for a woman to spoil you, I am the right one for you. My name is Karabo and I grew up in South Africa Polokwane. Since I spend my time only at work, I also need someone to have fun with.

My Appearance

I am tall in height, fair skin. Fair body and nice curves. Round face and a small forehead which my friends say it’s cute. Big eyes, and a brighter face when I smile.

In addition Single Mother prefer to meet someone who has real love and correct height.

What I am Looking for

I am looking for a tall handsome man with brown skin. A man who is ready to start a serious relationship. Even if you do not earn much, I don’t mind. I have my own money, have a relationship with me and I will treat you right.

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However, someone who will love me truly not only because I am rich. One who will treat me with respect as his love not because of my money? This is because I want a free and fair relationship. A free guy who will spend some days at my house too.

 How to contact Single Mother

Lets talk about real love – we need to meet since lock down is over. Whatsapp is our major form of communication

If you think you match the above mentioned, send a message on my Whatsapp number.

 My direct Whatsapp number is +266 5694 0027

Please Send A Message – And we chat Please Feel free to chat with me. In case you are getting problems please send a message.

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Finally I am not worried with your money. We will work together and make sure we win. the best thing in life is love and trust.

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63 thoughts on “God fearing – 23 Single Mother Karabo – Polokwane – Looking for a Single father – Use Whatsapp

    1. So with all the numbers of reply she has not find the right one that person she’s looking for most surely need to jump from heven

  1. hi my name is patrick 33 years old im looking for a woman for a serious relationships im not here for money im looking for love attention and etc…. 0715742604 is my whatsapp contact me if u want to know more about me

  2. Je me nomme YAO NGUESSAN JULES, Je vis en CÔTE D’IVOIRE. Je veux une femme belle très consciente, intellecte et intelligente pour une relation très sérieuse, une relation à vie . Contactez moi au +22584797304 pour celle qui est intéressée . Je suis en attente.

  3. Hey love I’m also looking for someone who can love me as also me loving him /her back I’m in tembisa my WhatsApp n 0783049025

      1. Tiyiselani George Lubisi from Hlanganani Township Ka Njhaka Njhaka Mara now in Malamulele full time my contact info 0️⃣ 7️⃣ 9️⃣ 9️⃣ 1️⃣ 5️⃣ 4️⃣ 9️⃣ 9️⃣ 9️⃣ Please call or text me

  4. My name is logen Hlongwane from Limpopo my township is giyani.full time I spend at my number one is 0718155984 my what’saap number is 0677363899 I’m 36 year’s old

  5. Hello this is Kelvin lives in Kiambu Kenya looking for a serious woman to live with.please Whatsapp,call or SMS +254752083565

  6. Hello this is Kelvin lives in Kiambu Kenya.Am 20 years old looking for a serious woman aged between 20 years old to 48 years old to live with.please Whatsapp,call or SMS +254752083565

  7. Hey beautiful soul created by God I’m Tshepo I really would love to know you better you sound like a good loving woman I’ll be so happy to hear from you remember that love never fails. 0815910095 my Watsapp no

  8. I’m shiedow. ..I’m 24 n I’m coloured grew up in a black family. ..I’m looking for serious relationship. ..n I’m more interested in black women more than my own culture. ..so here are my WhatsApp tens 0679759664

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