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Top 10 Single Ladies Patricia (35), Pretoria Ready to make you happy In the world and enjoy daily

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Why I am a sweet single lady

Firstly as top 10 Single ladies I was a qualified teacher who scooped several awards in teaching. I am ready to meet you from the home of your parents. In addition to the above I am the best. Most Ladies do not feature on top 10 Single ladies but I was born like this. This is something I have always been and sweetness is my weakness even though most men like to take advantage of it.

 I call myself sweet because that’s what everyone says about me and I came to the realisation that it’s the real truth. Most of this will be seen when we meet live, I want to show you all of it.

This is how Top 10 Single Ladies appear on first site.

I am a big lady and I quickly feature in the Top 10 Singles Ladies My skin is very dark but kind of brownish because I am coloured. Talking about my hair, I have always kept it short in the summer and the growing it in the winter when it’s cold. Right now, I am thinking about getting it longer again especially when the pandemic is over like this. I am not going to talk to you about my teeth, you will see.

My dress code expresses my sweetness

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The dress code for Top 10 Singles Ladies is not that cheap. When you see my dress code, you will automatically know that I am sweet sugar mom because it says everything for itself. I don’t normally wear heels but when I do all men look at me in awe. Besides the fact that I am already tall, sometimes I wear heels just to fit in and look more formal. After that, I take them off and go partying.

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Text Me To Talk More And Experience My Sweetness

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This is where I give you my WhatsApp number.

The direct Whatsapp number for Top 10 Singles Ladies is +27 62 471 5098

In conclusion if you have any question please ask on ASK GROUP CEO on this link. >>>>ASK HERE<<<

We thank you for this time good day

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35 thoughts on “Top 10 Single Ladies Patricia (35), Pretoria Ready to make you happy In the world and enjoy daily

  1. I’m Richmills an energetic young man looking for sugar mummy for a date, I’m Electrician of 35yrs
    I’m from Kumasi – Ghana west Africa.

  2. Am a gentle and a cool guy looking for a sugar mummy for date, im serious need one and I will show you love for the rest of your life +233549807092

  3. Hi I’m Frank Rasemetse I dont only need a sugar mama I wanna settle and get married to her plus I want to give her my heart because thats were real love is in my heart my love here are my contact details if anyone is interested 0827250924

  4. Im a single father ready for a lady who can make a man happy n im ready to also make you very happy, im Nicholas from Gaborone-Botswana

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