Pretty Single Mother Lilian – Need a man who can make you happy before December

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Looking for a man has never been this hard for me. As a pretty single mother I have chosen to be on THOLA MOTHO because of serious love the people gave to me. Below I will explain how to get my Whatsapp number and enjoy with me. Please choose me or refer me to a best man.

General Information about pretty single mother

Firstly I was born in Pretoria and grew up in Limpopo with my granny. After finishing my education I went back to Pretoria and start a new business. I got married to an Indian guy but the marriage fail to materialise and not back to square one. We separated after we got a child together and now she is my camera girl.

How to get my Whatsapp number and chat.

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As a pretty single mother
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If you Sign Up today please search for Lilian and we chat. As we chat we exchange our Whatsapp number and plan to meet. I like sharing photos and videos. Please make sure you do it correct.

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In conclusion, love is not love until it is given away. Use the comments to as whatever you want I can do it for you. My man and my love, you are the best of them all. I need you for life. If you have any problem please Send the admin your Message here Contact Us

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  1. Distance is the only problem faciny this relationship cos I am a nigerian. And i am staying wright in nigeria

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