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There are many things you should know about South African dating culture. It’s very important to respect the rules. It’s common for relationships to start in bars and clubs, but they are usually short-lived flings. It’s more appropriate to meet your potential partner in a more formal setting. You should avoid asking your potential partner about his or her interests and hobbies until you have gotten to know each other better.

Greetings are very informal in South African dating culture, but be sure to shake hands, maintain eye contact, and kiss her on the cheek. You should also carry yourself with dignity and be aware that South African women are very sophisticated. Being too stand-offish or too casual can be off-putting, so try to relax and enjoy the date. Remember, it’s not about being a hot mess; it’s all about having fun.

As with any country, South Africans are very conservative and traditional. It’s common to meet your potential partner at work or through a friend. The same goes for dating. You should show appreciation and turn down compliments easily. In addition to this, men should also show you respect when you make compliments. They should never be afraid to say no when you’re feeling down or unappreciative. A guy should always take the initiative and ask a girl out for a date.