Baby mama Looking men

Baby Mama 36 Nkosazana Single blesser lady looking for a man ready for Love Now

Thank you Thola Motho for posting me amoung single ladies. As for me I am blesser or a baby mama ready to date. My personal details are shared to those who are ready to start dating. Once again I thank you for posting me on your site. The baby mama general Information My name is […]

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Single Mother Praying In Church

34 Tabelo– Single Mother seeking for a guy Who can make me happy Ready for Marriage – Lets chat

Being Single Mother has become a burden to me. Since we separated my body begin to drop and my appetite become null. Please take this time to choose me and we enjoy. I like going to church, fasting and praying for wisdom. As a single mother life is tough when you are alone. General information […]

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32 Stabile Single woman looking for a man – Preferably Single Father In And Around Harare

If you are Single woman and ready for marriage, here is your last bus stop. More often than not I am ready to meet you as my dream man. The love of my life please come to me and we marry General information About Me My name is Stabile and I live in Harare Zimbabwe. […]

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Meet Singles, Lydia (35), Pretoria- Need an attractive man to date for the first time Online

How to meet singles Meet singles online and we enjoy now. I never wanted to be a model. I mean for real though, I always preferred other professions like doing business. Regardless, companies kept insisting that I promote their new fashion products and that’s how I ended up being model. You will see it on […]

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A popular Sundown’s Supporter Lizzy who will enjoy to date a man

How to Get sugar mum (Lizzy), 36, Gauteng- Looking for a man She will make you great Daily

A popular Sundown’s Supporter Lizzy who will enjoy to date a man like you is Online. Get Sugar Mama now. She is looking for a man who can be a role model to her kid. Contact me on SATESPACE to chat on WHATSAPP. Do not hesitate to date me if you are of any other […]

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Sugar Mummy, 36, Paarl- I need a Man to date Quickly- My Whatsapp Number is here

Know about me before You get my Whatsapp Number I have many plans for my next man who need my Whatsapp Number. By So doing I just hope that’s going to be you because you have been patient enough to read though all this. Recently I just discovered that the best use for you money […]

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I like cooking and baking as a single mother. In addition to the above I like goats and other farm animals

Top 10 Single Mother Whatsapp Number Leona (37) Who can make you a great Man And drive your Happiness

On top of the rest getting Single Mother Whatsapp Number is now easy if follow all rules. I like cooking and farming as a single mother. In addition to the above I like goats and other farm animals. More so my life has never been easy before I was called to THOLA MOTHO. Now I […]

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Serious single lady Keisha Baking

Serious single lady Keisha (35), Pretoria- Wishes to date a handsome man and make him popular

I am the jealous type of a serious single lady who is ready to impress. Since I was born I have never been that sorrowful. Let’s plan and enjoy this dating like ever before. My hobby is backing and cooking. I prefer cooking at all parties, funerals and gathering. When you are with me, I […]

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